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Chapter one: the rose that grew from concrete

Born in New York, Timothy Trenholm, our CEO and Founder, is no stranger to kindness. Throughout his younger years, he struggled immeasurably with addiction. Addicted to heroin and struggling on the streets, his story of recovery is one to hear and learn from. Many individuals and organizations supported him on his journey of recovery and wellness. Now, Tim shares his story and light with many as a drug and alcohol counselor. Tim spearheaded the I CARE Spiritual Foundation in order to further help others - to open arms to those in need. 

Tim is a rose that grew from the concrete of New York.

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and the rose that grew from concrete

Recovering from addiction wasn't easy, and there were many relapses and miseries along the way. But all along, Tim had friends and support, which we all need. Knowing that, he spearheaded this organization to provide such for those in need. Here we are, ready to give back and pay it forward - help out with a donation or two, or volunteer your time! We could use the help.

Praying Together

Chapter two: See Something, Say Something

Over the years, the I Care Spiritual Foundation has slowly evolved. In the early years, we were often found along the riverbed in downtown Victorville, providing warm meals and outreach to those homeless communities.

A lot of the homeless were beyond kind and caring, many insisting on praying for the volunteers and others demanding that another help themselves to the last meal.

As the years have gone by, we have slowly expanded our services and built a network of individuals to support those that we come into contact with.

Our food drives, Thanksgiving baskets, and Christmas Packages have touched many who only wish for some sense of normalcy for their families. Children rejoice at having a toy and people come together at these times, creating community and partnership. 

We see something, say something, and do something!

Praying Together

Chapter three: Coming Together

As our commitment to the community expanded, we created a warm line for individuals to call in so that we could reach more lives and be more assessable.

I CARE expanded to include community resource linkages and our individual members offer ongoing counseling and support.

Further, our roots in the community have grown and we partner with different organizations and passionate individuals to further benefit the community. Our mattress drive was a success and we've helped build up other healers in the community, such as by providing cooking equipment to a women who makes meals for the homeless all over the High Desert.

Meet The Team

Tim and Sylvia, beautiful shot, classy.j

Timothy Trenholm

Crista, great care shot.jpg

Dr. Christa Ereksen-Banton

Sylva, charming shot.jpg

Silva Haddad-Trenholm

Hector, animals shot.jpg

Hector John Lopez

Jennifer, heartful shot.jpg

Jennifer Barracks

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