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We all need to be clothed and bathed. Please reach out for assistance if you need support in this area. We offer clothing and hygiene products to those in need.

Food and shelter

We do our best to feed the homeless and those in need, running multiple food drives each year and dispersing goods to those in need. Please reach out to support us or to receive from us.


Counseling is essential in so many regards. We all can benefit from talking to someone and you can call us to do as much. We are here to provide for you.


There are so many good resources out there for you to benefit from. Please look at our information to resources in the community and reach out so that we can better support you!


We know there is need out there. Gathering together, we hope to inspire and empower those around us. Together we can prevail. 

Our mission is to help those in need however we can.

Currently, we run a food bank and provide clothing and necessities as needed. Our phone line can be reached at #760.680.0641.

In addition, we link individuals with local resources and provide ongoing support to those in need.

I CARE is always expanding and seeking new opportunities to support the wellness of the homeless and any with mental health challenges.

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